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Extraordinary Service
Tizwoz Solutions prides itself on providing unconventional levels of service, and will, if necessary, do so in unconventional ways - whatever the task, we approach it with professionalism, enthusiasm, individuality, and attention to detail, always being prepared to go that extra mile - and we now extend our Remote Support and Virtual Administration Services as far afield as Australia, without even having been there!  So, wherever you are in the world, our extraordinary service is available to you.

Digital eBooks and eMagazines

Tizwoz Solutions can help you self-publish your eBooks and eMagazines in all formats, including EPUB (the open standard format for many electronic readers, such as Apple devices and Barnes & Noble's Nook).  You have the option to self-host on your own website and keep all the profits rather than a percentage (as J.K. Rowling does with her Harry Potter series);  or, if you're not so well known and you'd rather collaborate with the corporate giants, we can help you self-publish in Kindle format and establish yourself with Amazon as your outlet (as did Amanda Hocking).

If your preference is to self-publish your eMagazines or other digital media to third-party cloud hosting sites, we can assist with every stage.  Alternatively, if you decide to self-host and promote your digital media on your own website (which avoids free account restrictions or monthly subscription fees), you are then promoting your own domain name and are in
full control of your digital media, including archives and back-editions, all aspects of its presentation, and the eReader's experience.

Whether self-hosted or not,
Tizwoz Solutions can digitize any form of documentation and publish it for you, downloadable if required, with or without an eCommerce element, and complete with all live links enabled, ensuring your digital copy is on the eReader's device with clickable links back to you and to your advertiser's websites, eMails, Skype, and even telephone numbers.  NOTE:  Live links in your ePublication, as opposed to flat representation, give every eReader instant mouse-click connection to you and, so importantly, to your sponsors - an invaluable USP (Unique Selling Point) to promote your digital media as an immediate and unsurpassed marketing tool.

Whether cloud or self-hosted,
Tizwoz Solutions has the technology and know-how to help you be freely creative and creatively free!

Remote Desktop Support

Anywhere in the WWWorld!

What is Remote Assistance?
  It is secure and efficient Remote Customer Support, enabled by very small and clever software provided by TeamViewer.  You can sit and watch as we work on your computer, anywhere in the world, as if our hands were on your keyboard because, although it would be nice to resolve your issues on-site, we can't see you paying the air fare!

With an internet connection and TeamViewer Remote Access Software, we can securely access your computer and perform tasks (including downloading, installing, updating, and configuring).  We can immediately identify and resolve problems when you directly demonstrate an issue, then offer advice and give instruction as required, as if we were in the room with you;  in fact, most maintenance functions are possible, even when a reboot is indicated.

In addition, if ongoing remote assistance is appropriate,
TeamViewer can be configured to permit secure access even in the absence of anyone at your end, facilitating 24/7 remote support.


Web and Corporate Design

From concept to completion,
and so much further beyond...

Tizwoz Solutions, we prefer our websites not to be run-of-the-mill or similar to any other.  Consequently, we follow no particular fashion trend, format, or stylisation;  instead, our website and corporate image designs are truly bespoke, written with unsurpassed attention to detail, and in accordance with the client’s business model, desired message to their target audience, and with their vision of the end product.

Our SEO (
Search Engine Optimization) management techniques follow the ever-changing but all important SEO rules to comply with the methods required by the major search engines to optimize rankings.

Therefore, the end product is an entirely unique and memorable online presence and marketing tool, specific to the client’s enterprise.  Our prices, too, will honour your budget without compromise to service, and will rarely be beaten.

Website and Corporate Design
This entirely depends upon the type and complexity of the commission.  However, as with our Virtual Assistant rates, we are able to be extremely flexible and competitive in our pricing, and a Basic Website can cost as little as USD800.  There is plenty of information on the internet about web design pricing, and one independent commentator on website costs, which makes informative reading, is Inspired Mag.

Following initial consultation, the price we quote will be the price you pay, unless the commission substantially changes once begun.  All disbursements (such as domain name registration or renewal, and web hosting) are charged at cost, with a small annual administration fee of USD100 for subsequent renewals and ongoing SEO management.

Transparent Fees

Remote Assistance and Virtual Assistant Services
We charge for our time only, and our rates are extremely competitive, even at the low end of the marketplace, simply because we have very few overheads.  We wholly respect and embrace the spirit of the open source and freeware communities, and attempt to adopt their ethos by recommending their options where possible and keeping our service fees to a minimum.

Our time is evaluated and reported by time management software in an offline situation, or by communication software when online.  Expenses and disbursements are charged at cost, or by prior agreement if materials, stationery, or components are associated with the task.  Local travel is charged by time.  Our fee structure is as follows:

First Hour, or part thereof: USD25.00 (GBP15.00)
Each subsequent Half Hour,
or part thereof:
USD12.50 (GBP 7.50)
Once Terms are agreed, you may pay by Direct Bank Transfer, or with your
Credit or Debit Card via PayPal (adds USD1.50 (GBP1.00) Transaction Charge)
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